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Why Use Flyira Pads?

Sanitary Pads and Usage:

Every girl is first introduced to the concept of “Periods” during puberty. That’s the age every girl starts menstruating and gets a basic understanding of periods and their symptoms. Perhaps this will also be the first time, they will hear the word “SANITARY PADS or NAPKINS”, used to manage periods.

So what are Sanitary Pads?

It’s an absorbent pad that you wear on your panties in order to absorb menstrual blood. Pads come in different varieties and sizes. Every adolescent girl or woman should know how to choose the right pad. Depending upon the intensity of flow, you need to select the pads with appropriate thickness, length, and absorbency. No Problem!!! After multiple tries, you will master selecting the right pad that completely solves your purpose.

How to use the sanitary pad?

Basic steps on how to wear a Sanitary pad:
  • Remove the paper on the backside of the pad and stick it on your panty.
  • Remove the paper from the wings of the pad and wrap it onto the sides of the panty so that it sets and sticks.

So simple isn’t it!!! Ensure changing the pad every 4-5 hours depending upon the intensity of the menstrual flow.

How to dispose of a Sanitary pad?

  • Remove the pad from your panty and fold the pad that contains the menstrual liquid.
  • FLYIRA provides bio-degradable disposable covers along with the pads sold. Place the used pad within the cover and drop it in the dustbin.
  • You can also bury the used sanitary pad, which is one of the best options.
  • Disposable machines like Incinerators, Shredders are available for disposing of pads.

When should I change a Sanitary Pad?

It’s not alone blood that is expelled during menstruation. It contains a mixture of mucus and uterine tissues. When the other elements mentioned are more expelled, women start feeling that the flow is high. You can find the amount of flow, by the pads you choose and use. Check the frequency of pads getting changed which will give an idea behind the absorption level of a pad.

Best suggestion from FLYIRA is that, even though any pad comes with the idea behind best absorption, please do change the pads 6 hours once. It’s to maintain personal hygiene and avoid anomalies like Rashes and other skin issues. Changing pads on regular basis is extremely important to ensure good hygiene and avoiding vaginal odor. Having a warm bath will leave you feel clean and fresh throughout the day.

How do I choose the Right Pad?

Every woman’s body reacts differently during periods depending upon the physique and body conditions. Your flow is not the same throughout the menstruation cycle. Pads come out in different sizes and thicknesses. So depending upon the flow, a girl can choose the pads accordingly. Also, there are pads that are used for full nights, which are wider and have wings to give a worry-free sleep.

Why Use Flyira Pads?

When it comes to comfort level, Flyira sanitary pads with a soft cotton surface are preferred. The best gift for an Indian girl.
Other Sanitary Pads
Flyira Sanitary Pads
Use of chemicals like Dioxin, Plastics, Chlorine, Latex, Rayon,
That is the reason behind deadly diseases like Cancer
Flyira Organic and 100% Natural
Artificial PerfumesNo Added Perfumes
Not Safe for EnvironmentBio Disposable Bags With Every Pack
flyira sanitary pads quality
Poor Menstrual Hygiene Impact
Period Facts: Less Than 40% Women In India Use Sanitary Pads

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