We are on a mission to achieve #womenhygine, help female achieve their true potential with #flyirapad & make them fly with confidence #Iloveflyira


Flyira Startup

Various studies reported that chemicals like dioxin & chlorine are the main causes of UTIs, RTIs, and even cancer, based on personal immune systems and certain findings. Shazes company came up with a vision & goal to get a product under the brand name Flyira – Sanitary Pads for menstrual hygiene to help women have a worry-free period & help the environmental ecosystem.

Flyira is a registered trademark & Shazes is a licensed user of the trademark. Flyira has a local presence in India and since October 2020. It has an office in Hyderabad, India.

Shazes launched sanitary napkins in Hyderabad slums. It started free distribution among women in Rajendra Nagar & Suleman Nagar. Flyira goal is to make this product accessible to as many women as possible in every part of India.

Flyira aims to create one million jobs for women in rural India in an economically profitable and sustainable way

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