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Flyira sanitary pads were designed after a series of research. Flyira’s team decided to come up with different variants tailored to women’s needs. Flyira is a customer-driven brand, we always work with the feedback of the customers. We have a moto to deliver worry-free hygienic & rash-free periods. We want our customers to Fly with confidence in life.

The majority of brands use added fragrance, cheap raw materials to cut costs just to compete in the market at the stack of customer’s health.

Flyira has five variants on market, all pads are fragrance-free, rash-free, odor lock, and breathable pads.

As an eco-friendly initiative, Flyira sanitary pad comes with bio-degradable bags in every pack.

Flyira pads are premium sanitary pads we have five variants Bamboo, organic, Select, Economy & Pantyliner.

Please Note: All pads are fragrance-free and come with separate bio-degradable bags.

Flyira as a brand, ensure that our products are affordable to the common consumer. However, Flyira pads are made with the premium materials like organic cotton, Super-absorbent gel. Bio-degradable bags in every pack are themselves more expensive than what is available in the Indian market.

This hygienic and eco-friendly initiative results in higher costs but in the end, we are keen on lower pricing also ensuring a better-quality product.

Flyira pads are all super absorbent and can absorb the heavy flow.

L                     240 mm
XL                   280 mm
XL+                 320 mm

Super-absorbent core absorbs more than 200 ml ensuring a dry feel even during heavy bleeding. A normal period excretes less than 60ml of blood.

Feminine Health

Periods/ Menses last for 30 to 40 years of life. Menstruation is an important process in ladies. Plan your period with Flyira PERIOD & OVULATION PREDICTOR/Calculator.

The ovaries release the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. The period blood which is partly blood and partly tissue comes from the inside of the uterus.

Menstruation is normal vaginal bleeding. Changes in hormones in the body cause periods to happen.

The functions of sanitary napkins are to absorb and retain fluid & isolate menstrual fluids from the body.

Important and desired properties are no leakage, no unusual appearance, no odor, stay in place, comfortable to wear (thin shape), quick-absorbing, and a high level of hygiene.

A normal regular menstrual period lasts from 3 to 7 days.

There are several reasons for irregular periods. A few of them can be hormonal imbalance, stress, intense dieting, exercising & menopause

We advise making regular appointments with a gynecologist, this will help you monitor your health.

Yes, it is normal with every woman. The discharge has the function of keeping the virginal part lubricated and preventing the uterus from germs and bacteria.

It is always important to keep the hygiene level high by regular washing & using panty lines.

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